brawn-and-luck asked:

Pst, I had a funny idea. Tewi and Hina end up near to each other- and Tewi ends up sticking to hina like a magnet because one embodies bad luck and one embodies good luck.

((Well, I do have an idea for a Touhou fangame that’s essentially Mario and Luigi but with Tewi and Hina so it’s not like I haven’t given that idea a thought. But it’s still an idea that should be spread about.))


ask-granny-tewi asked:

Hee hee hoo hoo. I hear rumor that a certain blonde vampire wants a pet. I can't give ya a bun but maybe I can suffice... I-I mean [Rabbit noises]

ripplesof495years answered:


"…I don’t get it. You’re a person, and people can’t be pets, Tewi."

That hurts, ya know darn well by just lookin’ at me that I ain’ no human. I’m a rabbit youkai.. who’s already technically a pet… oh. I think I see a problem here.

Anonymous asked:

Well The two quickest ways to find you real you would to be looking for a Adult bodied rabbit. Or yell out, "THAT'S A NICE OUTFIT YOU GOT THERE FLAN!" Just saying. For those who know you there isn't any escape.


That first option isn’t quite somethin’ that’ll work as all I gotta do is ditch my glasses an’ necklace as well as exchange m’cane fer somethin’ more akin to a regular-sized mallet an’ don’ ferget that since I’m old enough, I can change my boob size.

Although I guess how plump I am could give me away…

Even if I’m discovered, I’m quick on my feet ya know.