Anonymous asked:

I can't believe that all it takes to avoid seduction these days is a simple ask. Times sure have changed.


Look, here is the deal. Since you pressed that button, you get one wish granted from me….

pfft, as if. I’m not even a granter of wishes and even if I was I’d make sure it made you suffer.

Anonymous asked:

I sent you an ask on anon, so now you'll never know you have to stop seducing me! All I have to do is not unclick this box that is right next to the submit button...


That’s not the Ask Button! That’s the…

Helloooooooo. Did someone press the Bad button? The one that I rigged up to summon me? Hoohooooo


ask-granny-tewi asked:

OOOIIIII! Hello reporter, how're you t'day?

speedycrowtengu answered:

"Granny-Tewi! I have been pretty damn great! I’m now dating Mystia now and it is just so much fun! And how have you been? I’m sorry that I havn’t gone to visit you."

It probably ain’ my place t’ ask, but… why ya datin’ someone who very clearly hates your guts?